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Chief Instructor - Clifton Coetzee

Clifton Coetzee is one of SA’s leading authorities in the science of forensic psychophysiology having a career spanning over 30 years. Clifton is a manufacturer accredited polygraph Instructor and the developer of AVSAPRO, the only automated, digital voice polygraph system worldwide. Cliff has investigated fraud and deception in all it’s forms for over twenty five years practising and instructing polygraphy, voice-stress analysis, statement veracity analysis and forensic interviewing techniques.

Clifton’s first manual for forensic psychophysiologists and certified fraud examiners was catalogued by the FBI training academy in 2000.

His investigations included large scale bank and insurance fraud, usually committed by employees. Cliff received his training from former US and Israeli police and intelligence experts and has worked on behalf of listed IT logistics companies based in the UK, USA, Spain, Lebanon and Australia. He has also studied the work of many early experts in the  field of statement analysis, the different techniques, applications, differing schools of thought; such as Statement Veracity Analysis, Credibility Based Content Analysis, Statement Content Analysis (SCAN) and Scientific Analysis as taught by Avi Sapir of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation Inc, Arizona, under the acronym ScAN.

Fully interactive online learning

We are aware that life must go on even as you try to continue your qualifications and career. Poly-Vsa Institute of training is now offering their courses via fully interactive, online virtual classroom. Train from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home!

What past students have to say

Poly-Vsa has been helpful and hands-on right from the start. I personally learn better by asking questions. This is frustrating to some but during our training Cliff did their best to accommodate this. I will definitely recommend the AVSAPRO team from Poly-Vsa to anyone wanting to go into this field.

H.R. and Associates
Heinrich Richter
I received my training from SA Polygraph Academy in 2017. The training was superb and not only do they train you inside the academy, they also prepare you for the real world by taking you to test real subjects as the calls came in for incidents. Not only was the training a great experience but the support afterwards was even better. I contact them on a regular basis at any time with any problem and they are very quick to respond and help me out.

Prestige Polygraphs
Roelof Wepener
I trained with Cliff more than a decade ago, and we have come a long way since then. Cliff continued to support me, even on the days that I became high maintenance, and never failed to answer the many questions I had even after I had completed my training. The system is so simple to use. When I did my training in 2005, I asked Cliff why the system did not score itself. When he called me in 2011 to say there was a self-scoring system available, I snatched it up and have been using it with great success since 2013.

Primal Echo
Silke Kaiser