Avsapro Millennium

Millennium is our flagship system, featuring ten APA validated, onboard question constructs, fifty crime categories and editable question libraries. Equipped with our latest AI stress engine. Features include a narrative mode, Build-A-Test quick, Reset and Refresh options for individual questions and/or charts, Auto Score; individual RQ score to assist investigations, onboard audio adjustment with gain facility, Built in report facility, technical printout and more. Avsapro Millennium produces highly reliable results with 99% certainty.

Avsapro PCAT​

PCAT is an acronym for Preliminary Credibility Assessment Technology. PCAt is designed for high volume, rapid personnel screening in the field / on site. The system is installed on mobile devices for portability and ease of use. Has two screening constructs built in. Record operator and subject data with ID identifiers and photo. Menu driven. Produces instant results in easy to understand format.
RED = DI Fail / ORANGE = Inconclusive / Caution / GREEN = NDI Pass. Results can be emailed or otherwise transmitted to Admins. Highly reliable.