Our Services

We provide testing services by accredited examiners. After hours may be available by mutual consent although a surcharge will be levied. We will send to your premises as many examiners as are required to efficiently complete your testing requirements. For testing purposes we use either Avsapro VP, Stoelting BFP, or Lafayette BFP or a combination thereof.

We have over 30 years experience in business risk assessment. Many companies take for granted that  “everything is okay” and the staff always act in the interests of the company. The reality is entirely different.  It usually takes an outsider to spot the frailties in systems and security. SA businesses lose Rand billions annually resulting from fraud, theft and failure to exercise due care.

Often, good systems are put into place, and over time become ignored as being unwieldy and an obstacle to errant behaviours. 

Should you require any investigation services, please discuss your requirements with us in order to provide you with cost estimates to investigate any issues.

We have a successful track record investigating fraud and theft, that spans more than 30 years.

Our Team leader Clifton Coetzee CFE has  been a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Austin, Tx USA) since 2000.

We have successfully completed many hundreds of criminal investigations for banks, insurance houses, security industry, logistics industry, manufacturing and retail industries.

Should you require any mediation services including the chairing of disciplinary hearings, we have competent and qualified personnel to assist.

We are agents for the HIK range of high quality, latest tech, cable or wi-fi cameras. We inspect your premises and advise as to type of camera required and best location. Cameras record to SD card or Cloud , for later retrieval. Fully programmable HD full night colour. Two-way audio and other optional features such as strobe light, night light, siren, intermittent beep, selectable focal area etc.

Contact us for pricing.