Biofeedback Polygraph

Biofeedback Polygraph

What is Biofeedback Polygraph (BFP)

BFP is the use of conventional polygraphy involving measurements of respiration, electro-dermal skin response, blood volume transfer and pulse rates.


Training in voice and/or biofeedback polygraphy is provided by appointment. We have the only multiple polygraph manufacturer accredited instructors in South Africa. We train no more than 2 candidates simultaneously, with the result that we are able to shorten the usual 40 day. Other Instructors allow up to ten (and sometimes more) candidates per training session. In a class of 8 candidates, each will receive 35 hrs max of personal attention. Whereas a class of 2 persons will receive >75 hrs personal attention each. Our training is focused on practicalities more than theories. Candidates must however undertake mandatory pre-training reading of approx 20 hours. (<1 hour per day). We have two courses available:

Standard & Advanced

Standard duration4 Weeks

Advanced duration (includes SCAN and Truth Extraction modules, based on Clifton’s ‘Truth Extraction’ series of publications) 5 Weeks


Course Outline

We are technically trained Stoelting & Lafayette agents. Clifton carries Instructor & Technician certifications from Lafayette, and Instructor certifications from Stoelting.
Course material covers all the essentials required to produce high quality, reliable results.
Biology, psycho-physiology, psychological set, Complete pre-test, in-test and post test procedures, Question Constructs, Software Instruction.
Embraces original polygraph methodologies.
As the software utilises a neural network processor (Artificial Intelligence) the training module is shortened considerably. This technology performs 90% of the work and delivers same accuracy levels as traditional polygraph