Training & Internship

We now offer an optional two month internship and apprenticeship, to assist new entrants to the DOD Industry.

Our Intern and Apprentice program will include teaching candidates all aspects of running a DOD business


Duration (Following completionof Standard or Advanced Course)4 Weeks


Internship Outline

How to run a DOD business.
On-site and off-site testing.
Client liaison. How to deal with clients. Build up competencies and confidence.
How to use costing and pricing as business & marketing tools. How to use email and Google Adwords Campaigns – to drive business.
How to write effective reports to maintain client loyalty.
Quality Control & Credit Control. Candidate will be actively involved in all aspects of running a DOD business
At the culmination of training, besides mandatory interaction with your instructors, you will be introduced to other examiners (area permitting) to start up your own backup network.